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Immunity Boost Package
Immunity Boost Package

Immunity Boost Package

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Want to boost immunity for everyone in the family? We've created a special Immunity Boost Package combining our best-selling Pegaga by PurelyB superfood blend with the Natural Home Pharmacy (NHP) program, specifically designed to strengthen your body's immune system using at-home ingredients in a way that promotes long-term health benefits for you and your family. With the Immunity Boost Package, you can:
  • Get online guidance on strengthening your health and treating ailments naturally from one of Malaysia’s top certified naturopaths, Amanda Teh
  • Experience the amazing health benefits of our signature product, Pegaga by PurelyB
  • Learn how to prepare safe and effective home remedies for prevention and treating common illnesses.
  • Immerse yourself in an exclusive online community of like-minded people and experts there to support you and each other.
The Immunity Boost Package includes:
    1. 1 month supply of original size Pegaga by PurelyB traditional asian superfood blend (380g)  – to help cleanse and eliminate toxins for better digestion, immunity & skin health. It will also help in boosting breastmilk supply and recovery for new mothers.
    2. Natural Home Pharmacy program – 30 step-by-step educational guidance natural remedy videos on how to heal and treat symptoms from any of the top 10 common ailments - cold, flu, constipation, acid reflux and more - using simple natural ingredients from your kitchen!
    3. Lifetime access to our online private community group for tips, motivation & support from other members and PurelyB health experts!

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